Tuesday, February 16, 2010

More Fun in Utah!

This past week has been very busy, and full of fun! Here is what he have been up to....

For Valentine's Day we an adult couples dinner at my parent's house, unfortunately my valentine was not with me and I missed him very, very much, BUT Ginny was so kind as to be my date for the evening and Devan came by himself! Everyone in my family had a different food assignment and the dinner was so yummy.

Katie made these adorable and delicious heart cream puffs.

Here is my date looking fabulous as Ginny always does.

The beautiful table setting done by Jena.
On Monday we went to the dinosaur museum with the Lewis family. This is a favorite for Tyler and Kai and it's a very fascinating museum with a lot to see and do.

They loved this huge shark and Kai was very curious to know if the red on him was blood.

This was a large hands-on wet play area with sand and play dinosaurs and trees. They spent a lot of time playing here with cousin Bella.

Katie is the best Auntie and the nieces just LOVE her! Katie put music on in her room and they had a major jump-on-the-bed/pile-on-Katie party!
There was so much giggling, singing, jumping and playing!

Tea time with Auntie Katie using bananas and hot chocolate.

Can't forget the zip line with uncle Sam. Tyler has moved from the baby swing to a harness and she loves it because she can go upside down!

Kai thinks she can go upside down too....

Until next week when we have more fun things to share with you....

Monday, February 8, 2010


Tyler, Kai and I came to Utah for a little vacation, unfortunately we had to leave Daddy behind since he is in the middle of a semester of school and coaching wrestling, but we do miss him!

We have had a great first few days here at my parents house and the girls have been very busy playing, although, poor little Kai Kai had had a battle with a stomach bug and was pretty sick on Saturday and still is not fully back to her normal, high-energy self.

Devan and Sam are their favorites of course (although Kai is pretty good buddies with Ginny) and Tyler just LOVES when Sam comes over so he can take her on the zip line! On Sunday everyone came over to my parents for a super bowl party and the cousins all played like crazy, Tyler and Afton are best friends! I ate way too much crappy food, but had a really good time doing it! I love to see my family and it's been so fun to hold baby Ellie and see Massiel's baby bump, and go running with my mom and sister. The weather has been beautiful and I have had a few great runs already, plus I got new running shoes, YEA!!
Overall, our vacation is going great and we still have so much more fun to be had (if Grosi could just get back into SLC from Baltimore on a flight that is not cancelled for snow!)

Kai just resting on Devan.

Kai helping Katie get baby Ellie's pajamas on.

The cousins playing duck, duck, goose.

Kai playing WOW with Devan, about the only thing he knows how to do with his spare time.

My mom, sister Danna, and I getting ready for a Saturday run. Support some local runners and check out www.sherunslikeagirl.blogspot.com and become a fan! If your interested in running with them then leave a comment with your interest, they always welcome new runners to their group, or offer great tips if your already a runner.