Thursday, March 22, 2012


I had an opportunity to go to West Malaysia to visit my parents where they currently live, and to Singapore. It really was an adventure and I had a great visit with some amazing experiences. We packed in as much as we could into every day and went to bed exhausted every night.

After over 20 hours of flying, I arrived in Singapore, and after my sister and her husband arrived shortly after, we headed to West Malaysia to where my parents live. I was exhausted, but excited to be in Asia. We had to cross border control from Singapore to Malaysia and they are very thorough, and since my "white slip" that I was supposed to have from immigration at the airport, fell out of my passport, they made us park the car and go into "the office". They had us all sit down (mind you, it's about 3:00 am!) I was questioned, had to show some ID to verify my date of birth, and we were all free to leave, thank goodness, kinda a scary place to be detained!
Right after walking in the apartment complex where my parents lived, we saw a big cockroach, just a quick reminder to me that I was not home anymore, I just don't like creepy crawly things!

This is the view out one of the windows in my parents apartment complex.
A place where we ate breakfast one morning. Don't remember the name of what we had, but its like a flat bread, reminded me of a crepe, but cooked with egg and onion inside. It was very good.

We got settled and went to sleep for a few hours. After waking up, I went for a run with my Mom on her normal running route, saw some very interesting religious temples, houses, wet market, people, and even a very large lizard. Not my typical running scenery, or smell, but very interesting and fun! After getting ready for the day we went to lunch at a very good Chinese Restaurant, the food here was delicious, a very nice restaurant for Malaysia. The rest of the day we spent visiting some of the people in Malaysia that my parents knew from the church. Poor, dirty, and hot living conditions. My sister and I had brought books to give to some children, so we handed a few books out. It was hard with the language barrier, but my parents have learned the language so well, that they can communicate pretty good. We went to the ocean, very dirty, garbage everywhere, so sad, but we did see a couple monkeys!

I was so nervous to eat or drink anything in Malaysia because of the not so clean water, but the people that we visited always got us something to drink and sometimes eat. I just tried to sip and bear it, but I really couldn't help but think I was going to get sick from the water... good thing I was immunized. I did have one drink that was very different and horrible tasting, could't handle more than a few sips just so I was being polite. The people say, "Malaysia food very good, very good", I had a hard time with it, but then again a lot of them don't like American food either. I did enjoy some of the Chinese food, it was delicious.

Sunday we went to church in two different branches, JB and Mesai (sp?), and stayed for a few baptisms. It was hard to understand a lot of what was said, so I entertained a few adorable little girls that sat by us. The kids are just so cute, and so loving. I carried some American candy in my purse and handed it out periodically, that was a lot of fun. Then, that evening we went to a members house for a pot luck. A lot of people crammed in a small, very hot house. After a little while I had to go stand outside, where Katie already was sitting because she was not feeling well. I tried to avoid the food, but one person came and handed me a bowl of something weird, I had a bite to be polite, then abruptly handed it to my Dad to finish it. Good thing for him, there were many times, my Mom poured her drink into his glass.

One night at a members house for a pot luck dinner. Katie was not feeling good this evening and the smell of the pot luck dinner, and the heat was getting to her. (she is 3 months pregnant)

The three cute girls we entertained during church

At a members house visiting. Everyone sits on the floor, and eats on the floor. All of these people live in this house.

Monday was more visiting people and seeing Malaysia, going to the grocery store, and eating at a local Chinese restaurant for lunch, then a members house for dinner. I enjoyed going to the peoples houses and visiting. Very interesting to see the different living conditions and to see all the adorable children. Such nice, wonderful people. After leaving one of the members houses and getting into the car, Doug said, "oh wait!" as he was brushing a cockroach out of the car where I was about to sit. Nice another cockroach to haunt me!

The wet market in Malaysia. All sorts of fish and seafood that I have never seen before.
Dad got some nice fish filet's for us to cook up, but unfortunately they were left in the car that evening, so we never got to enjoy them.

Tuesday, we made breakfast for the Elders that came to my parents house for district meeting. We made about 7 loafs of french toast, ham, 2 watermelons, two pineapples, about 4 mangos, every drop was eaten. Then we handed out our candy and beef jerky we had brought from America, the Elders said it was like Christmas morning. At one point during the meeting, I excused myself quietly to go to the bathroom, when on the floor, I saw a small cockroach, I kept my composure, then tapped Doug on the shoulder to come kill it for me.
About noon, we were packed and headed for Singapore for the remainder of the trip.

We had to cross the border again, hoping this time we would just be able to go through with no problems, but as we were sitting at the window station where our passports were being look through my nightmare came alive. My Mom, sister, and I were all in the back seat just talking and patiently waiting for border control to review our passports, my Mom pointed toward the window and was speechless at what she saw. I looked over and saw a HUGE and I mean, the kind you see in books that say they are poisonous and will kill you kind and that you see behind glass at a zoo, spider! Seriously the spider was as big as my hand! I screamed and jumped on top of Katie trying to move away from it, at the same time, my Mom and Katie screaming as well. My Mom managed to get her seat belt off and open the door, and all three of us went tumbling out. Doug and my Dad tried to get the spider, but after a minute of no luck, we HAD to get back in the car and continue through border control before we were detained and in trouble. My Dad was not very happy with us and under his breath was telling us we had better get back in the car immediately! All three of us hesitantly got back in the car, but with our knees to our chest, off the floor, and scared for our lives! After getting through border control, Doug was able to spot the spider on the floor near the driver seat and smashed it. Thank goodness, but we were all very traumatized.

In Singapore we stayed in the Passir house as it is called. It is where the Mission Office Couple lives and houses missionaries for transfers etc... very nice house on a lot worth over 3 million in Singapore, had our own bedrooms and bathrooms and some normal food with clean, cold water to drink!

This is the "Passir House" where we stayed while in Singapore. A multi-million dollar piece of land that belongs to the church and so beautiful.

After getting our stuff settled, he headed out to the bus then the MRT station to go to little China. Singapore is very clean, beautifully manicured landscaping, and gorgeous architecture.
Little China was very interesting and fun shopping for souvenirs. While looking at some merchandise at one little shop, seagulls were flying above us, and of coarse, one pooped right on my head. I didn't think it was so funny, but everyone else was in hysterics. Now my little episodes and encounters were becoming too frequent and everyone was just getting a kick out of it all. The trip would have been so boring for everyone without me!
We didn't stay in Little China too long before we got back on the MRT and headed to an amazing mall/shopping center with about every fashion designers store and where the theater was for our tickets to see Wicked. We ate at the mall food court before the show, but it was not your average food court, had amazing looking, authentic Asian food. We all got something different and shared, tasted very good. Then we went to the show Wicked, which I absolutely loved and enjoyed every minute, I hope to see it again some day.
After the show we walked around the area for a little while seeing the beautiful night life and surroundings of Singapore, then back to the Passir house. I decided to start a load of laundry before going to bed, and as I flipped on the laundry room light, a rather large cockroach was scurrying accross the floor. I jumped, screamed and got Doug to come to my rescue, yet again, to kill it.
We all went to be exhausted that night, but I was thinking I should be sleeping with one eye open considering my eventful day of scary encounters with critters!

A view from the "Singapore Flyer" sort of like a huge ferris wheel that takes you way up high to see all of Singapore. That is a soccer field out on the water.

Wednesday was our last full day, so we made the most of it touring Singapore from a beautiful run in the morning by the ocean, riding the Singapore Flyer, going to a Fish Spa, and eating a delicious dinner. It was a lot of fun to see the city, buildings, beautiful trees and flowers and everything else Singapore had to offer.

Thursday morning, to the airport nice and early for another 20 plus hours of flying home!

I had an amazing time that wont ever be forgotten. Thank you to my Mom and Dad for making is possible and being excellent hosts. Love you guys and miss you already!

The Fish Spa, I was referring to. Very fun, and very Asian experience.

My Mom about passed out when my Dad said he wanted to do it too... my Mom and I thought we would be the only one's doing it, but everyone joined in!

The Architecture of a lot of these high rises was so neat.

On a beautiful run by the water in Singapore. It was a very hot run, but so much fun!

The curved building... very interesting.

A beautiful place in Singapore along a bridge.

China town, doing some shopping.

Friday, March 2, 2012


In honor of Dr. Seuss' Birthday, Tyler's school had a Seussabration with lots of fun games, prizes, cake and a crazy hat day at school.
We didn't have any fun or crazy hats around here, so Tyler had the idea to make one! The design and creativity was all her doing!
She was so proud of her hat and we think she did an amazing job on it. Goes to show, that you don't have to go out a buy something sometimes, just give a 7 year old the tools, and she will be creative and build it.