Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Carving Pumpkins/Pumpkin Patch

We have had a fun past few days celebrating halloween. First we carved pumpkins this weekend and that is always fun at our house. Kai really loved to clean the "pumpkin guts" out and played in the guts for a long time, she loved the feel of it. Tyler has never been so fond of the feel, but she got through it by washing her hands every few minutes. And Austin did a very cool pumpkin as usual with the skull and flames of etc. I did the haunted house one and Austin and Tyler did the other skull head. Overall, it was a great family fun filled evening!
Then on Monday Tyler's preschool had a field trip to the pumpkin patch and I took the girls. That is always fun. They have a small petting animal area with a baby cow, baby goats, baby pigs, a bunny, and baby horses. Tyler and Kai loved touching the animals, but the pig's scared Kai a bit as they were very interested in her and wanted to sniff her a little too much for her liking. We went for a hay ride, went through a hay maze, then the kids got to pick their own pumpkin out of the patch to bring home. It was a fun day!

Friday, October 23, 2009

The Dentist!

Tyler and Kai had a dentist appt this week and come to find out, Kai had a cavity! How could this be, she is only 2 years old and believe me my children hardly ever get candy or sweets and they brush there teeth every day. Joe can you help me out here?
Anyway, Kai was such a good girl! I could not believe it. She let the dentist drill, rinse, dry, put a fill in and everything while being so good and brave. Even after we got home she said, "Mom, can we go to the dentist tomorrow?" She surprised me and I was very proud of her. Pics are below.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Roller Skating

Last weekend our neighbor had a birthday party roller skating. This was Tyler and Kai's first experience on roller skates. They both loved it and got the hang of it pretty fast, although we did have to hold on to their hands to entire time. Kai was funny, she would say, "I can do it myslef now" so we let go of her hands and immediately she would fall down, then should would want our help again. She so badly wanted to skate on her own, but just too little still. After a while she got tired, and we we pushed her in a stroller, as the skating place allowed strollers on the floor, then Kai really enjoyed that. Tyler had fun, but she really liked to watch everyone else skate and observe . She was really uneasy on the floor and wanted us to hold her hands, but she did really well.
It was a fun birthday party and a fun family day of roller skating. Austin even did the
Hokey- Pokey and won a race in a game against other skaters. Enjoy these silly pictures...