Saturday, December 20, 2008

Kai Kai is 2!

I can't believe my little Kai is 2 years old, well actually, if you spend any time with her you will know she is TWO! She is a lot of work and is your average "terrible two". Although, you just gotta love her. I will never forget when she was born. She was born in Tacoma General Hospital and my labor was induced because she was just cozy inside my womb, but after my labor started she came so fast that I did not have any time for any time of medication, so she was born totally natural within 2 hours.  She was 6 lb 13 oz and just perfect! Big sister loved  her so much and so did Austin and I. She is so sweet and loves to play with her big sister and follow her around everywhere. She is so full of love and just so adorable.
Kai got a giant cupcake cake for her birthday (thanks to Opie!) And it was a white birthday with playing and sledding in the snow. We have never had this much snow at our house and everyone is having so much fun with it. Kai had a great birthday and thanks to all the love and presents from Grammy and Grandpa Lewis and Gregory, Poppi and Nonni, and Opie.
Happy Birthday little Kai Kai!! 

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Grammy, This is for You!

Christie made these adorable skirts for Tyler and Kai for Christmas and they never taken them off! Unfortunately, I have tried to take pictures on them in the skirts fro Christie to see how cute they are, but Kai just does not want to cooperate.  Christie I will try again this week. But the skirts are so fun and cute.
Thanks Grammy!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving At Our House!

This year we actually stayed home for Thanksgiving (we usually go to Cali), and we had everyone come to us! Austin's Mom and brother Garrett and brother Cody with his fiance Kendra. Jesse, Tara and Bella we schedule to come as well, but got sick and were unable to make it. I loved having everyone here and we had a great Thanksgiving dinner and a fun few days together. Austin cooked his first deep fried turkey, while I did one in the oven as well.  The dinner turned out great and it was nice to have family together. I baked 4 pumpkin pies and Austin had one all to himself as that is his favorite!I took Cody and Kendra's engagement pictures by our lake and they turned out really pretty. They are getting married in April and I am so happy Kendra is joining the family, she is so sweet. 
Thanks for everyone coming to see us, it was a great time!