Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Kai, Kai turnes 5!!!

CAN'T believe my baby turned 5. She is just getting way to big, way too fast! I will be a complete mess when she starts school next fall. I love this little girl so much! Kai is so full of life and personality, she is tough, very loud, talks all the time, and is incredibly loving and caring.
We celebrated her 5th birthday at a local equestrian club where she and her sister and a few friends rode horses, played games, and did a craft. The weather was very cold, but the girls really loved it and had a great time. Here are some pic's of everyone having a great time!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Annual Cutting Down a Christmas Tree!

Every year we go to a tree farm and cut down our own Christmas tree together as a family. It is something I look forward to and is so much fun for everyone! It was a beautiful sunny, yet cold day in Washington, but perfect for Christmas tree shopping and for seeing Santa Clause!

Both girls just loved seeing Santa and sitting on his lap, great age for this stuff!

Here is "the one". It speaks to me every year.. I just know the tree when I see it.
Austin doing his part... cutting it down.

Yea, our tree!

Now it goes in this big machine that ropes it up tight to travel a little better.

All wrapped up!

Pictures of the finished tree soon! Me and my adorable little helpers are working on the tree to make it Christmas perfect~

Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween Fun!

Just a few pic's of the fun we have been having to celebrate Halloween. First, we went to Kai's preschool Halloween party where the girls carved a pumpkin, did a cake walk, and art projects. We made fun cupcakes for the cake walk of spiders and mummy's (sorry, forgot to take pic's, but they were SO cute).
A couple weeks ago we made the haunted ginger bread house and that is always fun, but now that Tyler is getting older, I love to see her creativity and she can really do so much of it on her own now. She designed exactly how she wanted the house to look and of course Kai was a big help too! It turned out so cute. I may need to venture out this year and make/design our own ginger bread house for Christmas.
Then we made the adorable glass jar lanterns that are pictured near the bottom, and they just loved doing this fun project and the lanterns are so adorable. They have lights in them and glow at night when the lights are off.
And last, but not least we did our annual pumpkin carving yesterday. This is always so anticipated by the girls and this year did not disappoint! Austin's pumpkin was amazing as usual. He did a haunted house and the pic's don't do this jack o lantern justice, the details are amazing. Kai helped Austin do the haunted house and Tyler and I did the owl sitting on the fence, which turned out cute too. We are excited to go trick or treating next week when "Nazi trick or treating Mom" comes out in full force... trick or treat until you drop is my motto (It's hereditary, all Gregory's are the same way), but the girls love it.
Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

I took Kai to the Pumpkin Patch for a field trip with her preschool class. This is our favorite field trip of the year, we love the pumpkin patch! We get to go on a hay ride, go through a hay maze, pet some animals, and pick our own pumpkin from the patch, that is Kai's favorite part! Here are a few pic's from our day.

Kai LOVED this baby cow. She loved letting the cow suck on her fingers like it was getting milk.

This is Kai and her cousin Blaze.

This was her perfect pumpkin, although a little too heavy for her to pick up! She was so proud of her pumpkin and couldn't wait to how her sister and Dad.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Tyler is Student of the Month!

Tyler was determined by her teacher as being student of the month for the 1st grade class for the character trait of attentiveness!

This is what Tyler's teacher wrote about her:

"Tyler has been chosen as our student of the month for the character trait of attentiveness! Tyler consistently demonstrates attentiveness by looking at the teacher, following directions and always listening to her teachers. Tyler is a respectful child and model for others to follow."

She was presented with a medal and certificate at school Friday, and the pictures are below. She was SO happy and excited to get this award, and we are proud parents of such an amazing 1st grader and daughter! Tyler is such a good girl and is always trying to please other people and do her very best at everything she does. We just love her to pieces!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Our BEST Amiga!

Amiga passed away on Friday September 9, 2011. She was diagnosed with cancer only 3 weeks before she died. The cancer was in her lungs and was very advanced. The type of cancer could never be determined and we tried some treatment options on her, but nothing helped and the cancer progressed rapidly. Amiga had a hard time breathing and every breath was labored with her worst time being at night. Her appetite continued to decrease until she had no appetite and she started vomiting with nausea. I feel like we did everything thing we could to help her and we had her on medication to help her be more comfortable, but it came to the point where we had no other choice and she did not have good quality of life, so it was not fair to have her endure what she was going through any longer. The reality of all of this was so difficult and our decision was not easy, but I truly had a connection with Amiga and I feel that she just communicated with me that it was her time to go and she was ready.
I have never before in my life loved an animal like I loved Amiga, and had a connection and bond that I feel can ever be replaced. She was an amazing dog with so much love for everyone and anyone the met her just fell in love, she was just a sweetheart.
Amiga was born in Las Vegas and Austin's Mom and brother, Garrett, picked her out. Austin got her from his Mom while Amiga was still very young and he claimed her his own shortly afterward because of how much he grew to love her. There always seemed to be a friendly banter between Karen and Austin as to who's dog she really was, but Austin and Amiga really had an emotional connection and in fact, Amiga saved Austin as he went through one of the hardest times in his life. Then Austin met me, we got married and we were one happy little family. I never have been a "dog person" and was hesitant at first to have an indoor animal, a pit bull none less, but it didn't take long at all for Amiga to win my heart. While Austin was away at basic training in the Army, we were best friends and she was always there to comfort me while Austin was away. When it came time for us to move to Texas, we loaded our belongings up and just Amiga and I drove from California to Texas. She really was a great travel dog and loved riding in the car. I always felt so glad she was with me when I was alone because of the fact that she was a pit bull and other people were intimidated by that, so I felt safe with her.
Amiga had such a connection with me that when I was pregnant with Tyler, she was just different, she just knew what was happening and was so tender with me, although it was an adjustment after Tyler was born for her to understand that she was no longer #1 and this baby took up lots of our time. The first day after bringing Tyler home form the hospital, we put her in a bassinet in our bedroom, and Amiga went over to it and peed on the floor right on front of the bassinet. She also had to get used to a crying baby, and she did not like that. Sad, crying people make Amiga nervous and sad, so she could not settle down when Tyler would cry. It was all an adjustment for her, but she was so good to the little baby and would softly lick her and be very gentle, although she still demanded her attention and would try to cuddle with us and Tyler at the same time.
As time went by and we had Kai, Amiga was pretty used to a noisy house and could really care less if Tyler was banging her toys on her, pulling her tails, poking her eyes etc.. she loved Tyler and Kai just as she loved me and Austin and was protective of all of us. When Tyler went to Kindergarten and it was just Kai here with me at the house, Kai became very attached to Amiga and they were like best friends. When Kai woke up in the morning, she would go get in Amiga's bed and cuddle with her under blankets and love her. She played dress-up with her during the day and would try different outfits and accessories on her, I think Amiga got annoyed at times, but also loved it at the same time.
We have had so many wonderful memories of Amiga and she was a huge part of our family that we will dearly miss. After she passed away, I sat down with Tyler and Kai so we could think about our favorite things about Amiga and I wrote them down so we would never forget and we can always remember what we love most about her. Here are some of the things we came up with

Kai said:

- I loved to cuddle Amiga and get in bed with her int he morning

- I loved that she would get in bed with me and lay by me

- She loved her belly rubbed

- She loved treats

Tyler said:

- I loved how Amiga would cuddle with me in bed

- I loved that she would jump up and spin when I would give her treats

My additional memories:

- Amiga loved blankets and being covered with blankets at night. We always had to "tuck her in bed" and cover her, but make sure her head was still out, so she could see our every move and make sure we weren't leaving the room

- Amiga was my buddy and shadow...she followed me everywhere all day: when I was upstairs, downstairs, outside, in my office... etc. she hated to be alone and stayed by my side all day.

- She protected me. When Austin was gone, it was as if her senses her heightened and she turned into "guard dog" mode. And when Austin was home, if he ever pretended to hurt me, and wrestle me or the girls she would start licking Austin and jump on him to get him to stop. (this was a fun game we played sometime, just to see her reaction.)

-She would nudge her nose into me and lick me if I were every crying or sad

-She hated guns. Even if she just saw a gun, she would start to shake and was scared to death

-She hated loud noises or when someone would raise their voice in anger, she would shake if anyone was fighting, arguing, or yelling.

Enjoy some pic's of Amiga through her years.

We love you Amiga... have fun in Doggy Heaven, chase as many kitty's as you want. You will be greatly missed, you were such a good girl to us, thank you for your friendship!