Thursday, September 6, 2012

Empty, Quiet House...

I can't believe both my girls are in school. Tyler 2nd grade, and Kai Kindergarten. 
Today's was Kai's first day, and it is so hard for me to take her to school with a happy, smiley face, when I really just want to keep her home with me! But, she has been so excited and is so ready for school. Last night at dinner, she started showing her nerves and decided she didn't want to take the bus home and didn't know what to do and lunch, and would not have anyone to play with at recess. I talked to her about all of it and between Austin and I we got her settled down and back to being excited. I thought she would have a hard time this morning after last night, but she was up and ready to go this morning just happy as could be! Standing in her Kindergarten line to go to school she is just the cutest thing ever, such a big moment for her and she was so brave, happy and ready!
It was nice to have Daddy there too to help her on her first day, but mostly to help ME on her first day! 
I will be thinking about her all day and wondering what she is doing and if she is happy. AT least Sister is at school too, and she will be a great sight for Kai to see after school and help with the bus. I can't wait to meet BOTH my girls at the bus stop today for a big hug, it will be the best part of my day!

Bye, little Kai, Kai, we LOVE, LOVE you!