Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tyler looses her first tooth!!

My baby girl has been SO, SO excited to lose a tooth! Unfortunately, she got Gregory teeth, which are a bit stubborn and take a long time to fall out, so she has seen all her friends loose many, many teeth before she even had one loose. Then all at once, at 7 1/2 years old, all four of her front teeth are loose, and she has been so happily wiggling them away for months, waiting for one to come out. After taking a pretty hard bite of her bagel this morning for breakfast, I think she really loosened the bottom one up. She came home from school today, ran inside yelling for me and was SO excited to show me her very loose tooth, dangling by threads. Her Dad, suggested the obvious thing, to go get some floss and tissues and he will get it out. I was actually pretty surprised that Tyler was okay with that idea and was eager to get it out. The pic's below are the process of getting her tooth out...

It's this one, right here!

Nervous, anxious, excited. 

 All prepped and ready to tug out.

 If you look close, you can see her tiny tooth coming out (it's at about her chin level).

 Uh oh... hurt worse than she thought, she is not too happy.

 Daddy, trying to calm her down and stop the bleeding.

 Okay, getting a little better now.

 And there it is, all gone!

Now I have a smiling 7 year old with a gap in her teeth! She is so stinkin cute and proud of her lost tooth!! She will put it in her adorable tooth fairy pillow made special from Grosi and is eager to let the tooth fair take it away and leave a little something behind!