Saturday, December 20, 2008

Kai Kai is 2!

I can't believe my little Kai is 2 years old, well actually, if you spend any time with her you will know she is TWO! She is a lot of work and is your average "terrible two". Although, you just gotta love her. I will never forget when she was born. She was born in Tacoma General Hospital and my labor was induced because she was just cozy inside my womb, but after my labor started she came so fast that I did not have any time for any time of medication, so she was born totally natural within 2 hours.  She was 6 lb 13 oz and just perfect! Big sister loved  her so much and so did Austin and I. She is so sweet and loves to play with her big sister and follow her around everywhere. She is so full of love and just so adorable.
Kai got a giant cupcake cake for her birthday (thanks to Opie!) And it was a white birthday with playing and sledding in the snow. We have never had this much snow at our house and everyone is having so much fun with it. Kai had a great birthday and thanks to all the love and presents from Grammy and Grandpa Lewis and Gregory, Poppi and Nonni, and Opie.
Happy Birthday little Kai Kai!! 

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Grammy, This is for You!

Christie made these adorable skirts for Tyler and Kai for Christmas and they never taken them off! Unfortunately, I have tried to take pictures on them in the skirts fro Christie to see how cute they are, but Kai just does not want to cooperate.  Christie I will try again this week. But the skirts are so fun and cute.
Thanks Grammy!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving At Our House!

This year we actually stayed home for Thanksgiving (we usually go to Cali), and we had everyone come to us! Austin's Mom and brother Garrett and brother Cody with his fiance Kendra. Jesse, Tara and Bella we schedule to come as well, but got sick and were unable to make it. I loved having everyone here and we had a great Thanksgiving dinner and a fun few days together. Austin cooked his first deep fried turkey, while I did one in the oven as well.  The dinner turned out great and it was nice to have family together. I baked 4 pumpkin pies and Austin had one all to himself as that is his favorite!I took Cody and Kendra's engagement pictures by our lake and they turned out really pretty. They are getting married in April and I am so happy Kendra is joining the family, she is so sweet. 
Thanks for everyone coming to see us, it was a great time!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Our fun filled Halloween day started with skull and jack-o-lantern pancakes (thank you to our Poppi and Noni). Then we just had a fun day doing Halloween things. When it came time to go trick or treating, the girls could not hold still at all!  So we got all dressed up and the 4 of us headed out. After doing some houses, Austin decided to take Kai back to the house and hand out candy to trick or treaters at our house and I took Tyler to go trick or treating at her preschool teacher's house, then Tyler and I just continued on form there and she did not want to stop. I thought she would get sick of it or get cold, BUT I have trained her well (my Dad would be proud), and she went for 3 hours! I had to tell her that people were now going to bed and it was time to go home and look at her candy.
Sorry about the disorganization with the pic's below, I could not put them were I wanted...

This is Tyler at the end of the night sorting all her candy.

Our Jack-O-Lanterns!
Austin spent a lot of time of his.... it looks great!
Tyler was a lady bug and Kai was a frog.

Our scary pancakes!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pumpkin Patch Field trip

Tyler had a field trip to a local pumpkin patch and I was able to take Kai with me this time! We got to go on a hay ride to a field of pumpkins and let the kids all choose any pumpkin they wanted to take home, then we went to a small petting zoo and a hay maze. The girls had so much fun and the Pumpkin Patch was so neat. We also bought our pumpkins that we will carve this weekend and we got Daddy and really big one, can't wait to show you all after we carve them. It was a beautiful sunny day (thank goodness because yesterday it was not), and the girls were very good and really had a great time.

                            This is the pumpkin that Tyler chose!

  This is Tyler's preschool class with Mrs. Teresa in the middle of them all.

                                                                     My fun girls!

 I love when I can spend some time with both my girls and do fun things. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


We did a family day on Saturday and went with some friends to Mt Rainer and did some Jeepin on an off-road vehicle trail. It's been years since Austin has taken his Jeep out and he loved every minute of it and to be able take me and the kids was way fun for him. The girls just loved it! They helped Daddy drive and they ran around in the mud and just had a really good time. Not to mention how beautiful it was! It happened to be a clear day and Mt Rainer was just amazing! Here are some pic's from our fun day....

This waterfall was really cool because it cut right between the rocks.

Fun pic huh? We have these sings all over by us... we are in the path for the volcano!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Polka Dot Room

A couple weeks ago I painted and decorated Tyler's room as a birthday present. I had been wanting to do the polka dot theme and I was so excited when I was able to do this project.

As you can see in the before pictures, her walls were just white and plain.

Now her walls are pink and brown with polka dots. Her duvet cover has polka dots, her lamp has polka dots, and her piggy bank has polka dots..... What do you think?

And with Austin's help, we took this old drawer set that was given to us and completely stripped the old paint off, sanded it down, and painted it to match the room.
Overall, I love it and so does Tyler.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tyler's Birthday Party

Tyler had a jungle animal birthday party last Saturday and it was so much fun! I made this elephant birthday cake, we had a zebra pinata, jungle print goody bags with jungle suckers, animal print slap bracelets, the whole works!!

Every child got a turn to hit the zebra and by the end it was not broken yet, so Austin played base ball with it in the street.

Even Kai had a turn!

Overall it was a beautiful day (not so common around here), all our friends came and we all had a great time celebrating Tyler's 4th birthday!

Monday, September 22, 2008

My Tyler's Birthday!

Happy Birthday Tyler Ann Lewis!

She really is 4 today, I can't believe it's been 4 years!

Tyler was born in San Antonio, TX on Sept 22nd 2004 at 1:30 AM at the Lackland Air Force Hospital . I was in labor for 3 LONG days until she finally decided she was ready. She was 6 lbs 11 oz and a beautiful, healthy baby!

Austin and I loved our little baby from that moment and we have loved her every day since. It's been a wonder 4 years and she is growing and learning every day. Tyler has a little smile and giggle that could brighten anyone's day. She loves to play with friends, preschool, painting, reading books, and hanging out with her Mommy, Daddy and Sister.

I am so blessed to have her in my life and to just be with her every day.