Wednesday, September 22, 2010

And Now She Is 6!!!

How did my first born child go from this adorable 1 year old....

To this adorable 6 year old??!?!

My tiny Tyler turned 6 years old today! I love this little child to pieces and its hard to see her get older. Tyler is such a good girl and is a child full of light, laughter, and love. I enjoy being with her and watching her learn and discover new ideas about life as she grows older.

Tyler had a great day filled with surprises from me, her Mommy, and a fun filled princess birthday bash with her friends.

I made a princess castle cake as a surprise for Tyler for her birthday cake. I worked on in for the last two nights after Tyler went to bed, then all day today and had the help of Austin's mad decorating skills to polish it off! It was not perfect and I learned a lot in the process, but regardless Tyler was so delighted when she saw her cake and she loved it, which is ALL that matters to me. I love to see my kids happy.


Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Baby is no longer a Baby..

Today was Tyler's FIRST day of Kindergarten! Yes, I said Kindergarten... she is no longer by my side every day, close enough for me to hug and kiss anytime I want during the day. I don't know her every move, who she is playing with, what she is hearing, saying, seeing. It is up to her to make her own friends, choose what she is eating for lunch, get herself through the day.

Besides the fact that it was a difficult day for me, as her mother, to "let her go" she was beyond excited for school. She has been waiting for this day all summer.

I thought about her ALL day today and wondered what she was doing, if she was having fun, if she missed me, if she was sad or happy, nervous, or scared.

She was so adorable standing in her class line to go into school with her backpack and all.. it was all I could do to hold in my emotions as I did not want her to know I was about to lose it!
This look that she is giving above, is what she does when she is nervous. She was looking around, taking it all in, then got this nervous expression, then I almost lost it again.

I really wanted to go in with her, just for today, just to make sue she was okay and comfortable and got her lunch okay. I really just wanted to go with her, just one day to school just to make sure...

I didn't go with her, I let her go to school. And when I picked her up she was so happy, and in one piece, she had made it through her first day all by herself, even without me holding her hand.

I asked her about every detail of her day in the car, in the parking lot, before I even turned the car on. I gave her a millions hugs and kisses.

I missed her so much today, but I was not the only one that missed her. Another little baby, who is home by herself had an adjustment too. She missed her sister and asked about her frequently today.

I love my little kindergartner more than anything. This is a milestone in her life and I am so proud of her and happy that she loves school so much. I know she will be a great student and I look forward to talking to her about the day she had every day.

She might be a big girl going to school now, but Tyler is still my first baby and we will go through these milestones in life together for the first time.

Tomorrow is another day...