Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summer Vacation

The day Tyler got out of school, we packed the car and drove to Utah to spend the next 4 weeks with family, and friends for summertime fun! Well, at least the girls had fun, and I did too, when I was not nauseous, and vomiting due to this pregnancy! Austin flew in before we came home to spend a week and a half with us and see family, then he drove us back home. 
Below are some pictures of our fun times and memories!

These are all the grandkids in the Gregory family with my Mom and Dad

We had a family Reunion with the Married Children in the Lewis Family at their Cabin. Katie is off working in the Swiss Alps, and David currently lives in Denver.  We had a great few days with everyone and the grandkids sure kept Grosi and Vati busy!

Austin Jesse and the 3 girls on the tube pulled behind Vati's boat.

That would be me wake boarding (has been 2 years since I did it last time, and I am 3 mo pregnant). Tyler is so cute holding flag for me!

Lunch after a day at the lake.
Kai wanted so badly to just jump in the water and swim! She was one happy girl!

Austin, the girls, and I sat together a watched this incredible lightening/thunder storm at the cabin.

Our 4-wheeler ride to Daniel Summit for Breakfast, always a fun time!

Everyone helping do a service project of putting packets together of baby items for new mother's in other countries that are in need.

All the grandkids from the Lewis Family, with Grosi and Vati.

Austin even went wake boarding!

We spent a couple weeks at my parents house in Draper and the girls loved helping Grandpa outside with picking cherries from the tree, killing robins from the cherry tree and planting them in a grave in the garden, then digging them up to show their cousins, picking raspberries from the garden, going on the zip line, riding on the 4 wheelers, and having a "weenie roast" as my Dad would say.

One of Tyler and Kai's favorite things to do... help Grandpa mow the lawn!

Tyler lost another tooth while we were in Utah, only this time she had the special treat of having Evelyn (a dear friend of our family) pull it for her. Evelyn pulled every-single-one my me and all my brothers and sisters teeth when we grew up. As our teeth became loose enough to come out, our Mom would say, "Go to Evelyn's and get that tooth out". Evelyn said my parents couldn't handle doing it themselves :). So, it was only right that since it was time for Tyler's tooth to come out, we went down the street to Evelyn's. She is so nice, gentle, and caring. Not only does she do the job, but she gives money at the end too!

The newest baby in the Gregory Family. Danna Lee and Adams baby, Sam. He is so cute and was fun to hold and let the girls get a little practice! Kai said to me, "You just wait until Sam finds out that they named that baby Sam, he is going to freak out!"  Thought was was so funny of Kai, Kai!

A big group of us went to the Lehi parade, which the girls LOVED, after Doug and I ran the Lehi 5K that morning. Not my fastest race ever, but I guess thats to be expected when I am pregnant! Although, I still managed to come in first in my age group and Doug even came in 3rd in his age group, he did a great job!

After we first got to Utah, I took the girls on a family trip to Yellowstone with my parents and my sister Katie and her family. Considering my pregnancy sickness, and Katie being pregnant too, I think it went pretty well. The girls really had a good, educational, fun experience and loved that they were with their cousins the entire time. I remember going to Yellowstone as a child with my family, so I am so glad to give my kids the same memories and opportunity. We stayed in my parents trailer in West Yellowstone right outside the entrance to the park. They loved to see the animals and geysers. We actually saw a total of 10 bears, and almost every bear we saw had a couple baby cubs, that was so fun to see! We also saw Elk, a Coyote, Deer, and Bison of course.. (then Kai would go on to say, and Hyenas, Tigers, Lions...)