Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tyler's Dance Recital

Tyler had her first dance recital tonight and she did so great! I can't believe how fast she is growing! She looked adorable and and had no stage freight. She remembered her dance pretty good and it was just so sweet. We were so proud of her and she said it was a lot of fun, so that is what matters. I was a little mad though that she would not let me take very many pictures. I wanted to take some in front the my neighbors beautiful flower garden, but Tyler really does not like getting her pic taken and she would not have it and since we were late, I did not have time to argue with her, so I got a few at the recital and I did get a professional one that I will post after I get it. We love you Tyler, and great job on your first dance performance!

Monday, June 1, 2009


We have had the MOST beautiful weather! I tell you, it can rain in Washington, but when the sky is blue and its not raining.... it is the most beautiful place on earth! We have been outside every day just soaking up the sun and playing, playing, playing! We went to the pool last week and the girls had SO much fun and yesterday I had a great girls day on our lake. Just my two girlfriends and I left all the kids to their Dad's and went out on a little trolling boat to our lake. We were out there for 4 1/2 hours! and had not realized it when we got home... (thankfully we have wonderful husbands, and they were not mad, just happy we enjoyed ourselves). It was so peaceful, and beautiful and quiet and just wonderful! I had such a good day and a much needed girls time. 
And also on another note, I was outside working on my computers on my deck because it was so beautiful and all the sudden, I heard this tiny baby kitty cry. I was looking around and saw this little kitty that came out of no where! She was hurt, with a tooth hanging out and her nose was scratched, but she was so adorable. I was not sure to what to with her since, Amiga is NOT kitty friendly. But he kitty was too small to survive on it's own and I wanted to find a good home for her, so I went to my neighbors house and she instantly fell in love with her and took her to the vet to keep cleaned up and is keeping her. Tyler and Kai love this kitty and Tyler named her "Bear". They go visit the kitty every day at the neighbors and it's Tyler's Kitty away from home.  
SO... here are some pic's of last week swimming and Bear, the Kitty