Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Cute Pic's of the Girls!

Tyler frosted cupcakes the other day and she was in her pajamas with her "princess dress ups" and I had to take pic's. She is just so funny... she is sooo into cupcakes because she loves this book called "Pinkalicious" she has memorized the entire book, almost word for word, and I have to read it to her every day, so I let her make cupcakes and frost them just like in her book. If any of buy children's books, this is the one to get, so darn cute.
And the pic of Kai with Daddy shows his newly shaved head (he likes to do this once a year, and this year Tyler helped him). Kai looked at him so funny for the first little bit and did not know what to think, but she soon came to realize it was good old Daddy. And for official news......
Kai is walking!! She walks everywhere now and hardly ever crawls anymore. She loves to go outside and just walk up and down the street and she particularly loves to walk on rocks and different surfaces fascinate her, its so fun to watch her and wonder what is going on in her little head as she is learning so much right now. I just love to watch my girls learn and explore and grow... they learn so much every day and I love to be here for all of it and watch it all happen. It's just the most amazing thing; to be a mom, I could not ask for anything better in the world than my little family.
Well, that's the update on the girls!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Lewis Family Visit!

I had my in-laws here this weekend and I just have to say that we had a great visit, (despite the not so good weather). I love when family comes to visit us and my girls love Grammy and Grandpa and Aunt Katie too! We started off the visit at the lake and playground in our neighborhood and I decided that Christie, Katie , Tyler and I would walk home on the beautiful trails that go throughout my neighborhood while the men and Kai drove home. Well, little did I know that the way we went would come to a dead end about a mile later..... oops. so we had to turn around and head back another mile where we started, but we were still a long way from home and there is no cell phone coverage at my house, so I had to knock on some nice lady's door and ask her if I could use the telephone to call my husband and tell him I was lost.... Austin was not too pleased with me, but did come get pick us up. Despite it all, we got some great exercise!

Then on Thursday, Christie and Katie took my place at Tyler's pre-school as the "parent helper" that I was signed up for and Tyler thought that was just the greatest and has so much fun with them there. Kai had a nice time with Grandpa at home and got some needed rest. That evening we all went to watch Tyler's gymnastics lesson and cheer her on, it was fun to have them there and that they got to watch the little gymnast in training!

Friday we went to the famous Puyallup spring fair (even with rain, snow, and hail coming down, anything BUT spring). If anyone has been to a fair, this is the cream of the crop, in deed the best fair in the Country. It was so much fun to just be with everyone and we had a good time together. We saw all the animals and the exhibits and I got some good lessons from Chrisite about what to plant in my yard for some landscaping. Then we went to dinner ta my favorite restaurant "The Keg". I know the name throws you off, but its a very nice, fine dining steakhouse. The food was delicious, and even though the kids were sooo tired, we had an enjoyable dinner.

Overall, I loved the visit and it was sad to say goodbye. Thanks Grammy and Grandpa for such a great time and for Katie who we always love having around. And I just have to say to Lindsey and Joe that we missed you and thought about you a lot, wish you were here, but good luck with all the studies and hard work.

We love you guys!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tyler's Bike

This is the first year that Tyler can really ride a bike. She has never had long enough legs to reach the pedals and really ride all over by herself, but thanks to her bike she got this Christmas from Grammy and Grandpa, she can ride a bike, and boy does she ride! She loves it, and likes to go really fast (her Daddy, feeds into her go faster, higher adrenaline). So, with the nice weather we were so gladly blessed with last week, she was out riding away with all the neighbor kids and loved every minute of it. Of coarse, who could forget little Kai, she wants to be big like sister so bad!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Our Addition to our House Update!

OK, so its been a couple weeks and Austin has been working soooo hard in the garage any moment he has to work, he does. Things are moving along very slowly, but its getting done and its getting done right. We are getting excited as things come together more and its really looking like a room now and not just some lumber project.
The 3rd pic on here is a little cubby space that goes from the room into a little cubby for Tyler and Kai (it actually goes into the house under the stairs), Austin still has to frame out a little door and fix the wall where the pipe is, but it will be a cute little cubby/play place for Tyler and Kai. Its so funny because Tyler is so excited for this little spot, every time she goes in the room she asks her daddy when he is going to get it done and she could care less about anything else in the room, she just wants "her room' and she calls it, finished.
So anyway, hopefully we will be done with the sheetrock and mudding and taping by the end of this weekend, and I can paint next week with the help of my mother-in-law and sister-in-law who will be visiting us from Utah (we as so excited), sorry they have to come visit and paint. We really wanted to have the room done by the time they got here, but we have come to the reality that will not happen, so why not use their help! I will post more pic's after the paint job. Yea!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My Brother, need I say more

OK, this is my brother Devan.... (I stole this pic form my sister-in-law's blog), I had to post this pic because it mad me laugh out loud.
This is classic Devan, every part of this pic. He never smiles in pictures (thinks he is so tough), and he has created this tradition of launching a rocket every year for Easter, and every year it gets bigger and better. I never got a call that anyone had to go to the ER, so I assume the launch went good....
Honestly I just had to post this because most of you know my brother and this is no surprise to you that he does this, but for any of you that don't know my brother, I hope you have a new appreciation of what its like to be a Gregory and be the "little sister" of the Gregory boys. Always something exciting and dangerous going on at my parents house. Gotta love you Devan!