Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mariners Game

Austin got us free tickets through his school for a Mariners Baseball game this past Friday. So, we left Kai home with a babysitter and the three of us loaded up in the Mini and went to Seattle. Austin and Tyler had peanuts and Cracker Jacks and Tyler got a thrill out of throwing the peanut shells on the ground. She loved having time with just Mommy and Daddy and we all had a great night out together! If you look at the last pic of the Mariners sign, you will see Qwest field, the space needle and Seattle Bay... it was a beautiful view and with the terrible weather that we have had lately, it ended up being a beautiful evening and we could not have asked for better weather, we were all so glad for no rain.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Our little Mini!

Well, we were really wishing Austin's Jeep would get us further along than it did before we had to buy a second vehicle, but it did die and go to heaven about 3 weeks ago and although I don't need my own vehicle right now, I will when school starts and I have to take Tyler, so we started looking and ended up buying a MINI COOPER! I know is totally crazy and it's totally crazy small too, but I LOVE it. It's just so darn cute I want to eat it up! With gas prices the way they are and Austin's very long commute, we really needed a very gas eco veh, and my friend who owns a dealership in Texas gave us a heck of a deal for this little guy.

So, here it is.... small, cute, fun, small, small. Actually, there is a lot more space than people actually think. Austin, who is 6'1, fit's very well and comfortable. And as you can see in the pic's, the girls' car seat's fit too. It's one happy Mini family! So, what do you all think?

Monday, June 9, 2008

My Parent's Visit

This is a pretty spare of the moment visit for my parents, but it was so nice to see them.

My Dad called me Saturday morning and said " So, uh, do you want us to come visit you this weekend" I replied (still halfway sleeping) "Uh sure..." I am thinking who died and what is going on? my dad then said "ok, we will be there at 5:00 tonight" I paused for a minute and said "really, um ok". Don't get me wrong, I love having family or friends come visit us, but this was just last minute and totally by surprise. So, after working out the arrangements of when to pick them up at the airport, I immedialty got out of bed and started washing sheets, towels, cleaning their bathroom and getting the house clean. Actually, is was a great weekend for my family to come visit because we didn't have any plans and I had already cleaned my house a little bit and gone grocery shopping, so I didn't go too crazy with anxiety.

We picked them up Saturday night at the airport and all went to Rain Forest Cafe for dinner. The girls loved the restaurant after the initial shock of being a little scared by the lightning storms and gorillas etc.. but it was a fun restaurant with ok food and very enertaining for the girls. We got to sit right next to the elephants and Tyler really loved that. She was funny because she would ask about every animal and if was going to "move". She enjoyed the elephants when they turned their head and blinked their eyes, but I don't think she wanted the big gorillas to move.

Then on Sunday we had a big breakfast and went to church and had a relaxing evening with a walk around the lakes in my community. And on Monday morning we went fishing, but sadly we did not catch anything. The neighborhood boys always come home with so many fish and I even went to their good spots, but I guess there was no luck for us.

Tyler and my Dad went for many nature walks together, we played games, talked, and had good meals, so we had a really good time together and it was a great visit.

I love you Mom and Dad! Thanks for the fun weekend!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Finally an Update

Ok, sorry... I am been so so busy with just everything and just neglected the blogging world for a couple weeks, but I am back now and ready to update and see all the updates (that will take a long time). I have been on a crazy obsessive, compulsive rampage and I am starting one room at a time and organizing EVERYTHING in my house: every shelf, every drawer, every closet... well you ge the point. Anyway, I have always been kinda crazy when it comes to my house being clean and organized, but it has never been exactly how I want it and that has not really been possible with 2 small kids and a full time job etc. so now that Kai is a little older and I can start to get things done around the house easier, I am going on this rampage to get everything perfect. So that explains why I have had no time to blog, but my kitchen and family room is totally done and I am moving on to another room now. I just love the feeling of it all perfectly organized and clean. This is normal, right?

Anyway, I posted just some random pic's over the last couple weeks. Dont' get scared of the one where I am shooting a gun and holding my baby.. its an air soft gun that my neighbor got for his 12th birthday and somehow my husband and the 12 year old's Dad seem to play with them more than the kids. Tyler had a great day in the dirt and I have never seen her so dirty, it was just so funny, but she was having so much fun. Good to know my little girl is not afraid to get dirty and play, but at the same time she is such a girl in other ways.

Well, that is my update for now!