Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Kai, Kai, Kai..... Trouble!

OK, so Tyler and Kai were playing and Tyler goes 'Mom, come look at Kai" so when I go over in the living room, this is how I found Kia. My first thought was to freak out and tel her no no and take her out, but then I thought it was so funny, I just had to grab my camera. Kai is so funny, this little child has SO much personality and she is not afraid of anything. She loves to climb on everything and get into anything she is not supposed to. She is constantly moving and talking the second she wakes up, she LOVES attention for anyone, no matter where we are (she loves the grocery store). Anyway, I took her out of the drawer and no longer than 1 minute later she was right back in... Ugh! I am going to have to tape it closed or something. She is a lot of work, but Austin and I just love her to pieces, and if you were here when she see's her daddy come home form work in the evenings, you would see that she LOVES her daddy too (screaming HI, HI, HI, HI, DADDY, DADDY, over and over again until he picks her up), so funny, and adorable! That is the latest with Kai, I will make a post of Tyler after we have our "Tyler & Mommy Time" this weekend at the swimming pool!

Monday, February 25, 2008

My Birthday!

This weekend for my Birthday Austin paid for me to get a pedicure while he watched the girls, then he took me to Seattle and we stayed overnight in Hotel Monaco and went to dinner at one of the top steak houses in the nation. He surprised me at the hotel we were staying at and at the restaurant. We actually paid for an overnight babysitter for the girls, and it was so nice to get away for an evening. I attached these pictures of our dinner because they were almost too pretty to eat.... the food was excellent. Austin got Filet Mignon and I got a nice salad and a crab cake, then of coarse, dessert. The first picture of the desserts is what Austin ordered, it sounded very good, but neither of us realized that it said lavender in part of the description. So, when we took a bite, it almost came back up because I tell you what, lavender is a much better smell and color than it is a food! They did take it back and we were not charged for it, but it looked much better that it tasted!
Overall, it was a great weekend and I had a great birthday. Thanks for all the birthday calls!
-Karlee, ok, are you happy now that I have moved the lice pic down and you dont have to see it every time you open my blog? Oh and by the way, Tyler is still all clean for lice.....

Thursday, February 21, 2008

LICE! Awful, ugly little creatures.

Ok, I am really sorry, I really hate this post, but I have to share my experience with all of you. Today I was doing my normal Thursday routine.. took Tyler to pre-school and went back to work, I got an e-mail shortly after from her school "informing" the parents that one child from her pre-school has lice and to be assured that the other children will be checked and there will be a deep clean of the school this evening by a professional cleaning service etc, etc, etc. OK my first thought is, OH NO, does Tyler have lice? And then I thought, OH NO what if she is "the child" that has lice. So I got in my car to go pick Tyler up just dreading the words that my child is the one with the lice. Thankfully, Tyler was not "the one" with lice, nor does she currently have it, but it still totally freaks me out. I have been freaking out all day, washing everything, I made Tyler take a shower. I am checking her head like every hour for eggs or even lice. I read up on the interent what its all about, what to look for, and how to treat it. They are the ugliest little things and I dont know what I would do if I actually see them in her hair. Ok, ok, so maybe I am overreacting? Well, I really dont think so.. what would you do? Nothing, same thing I did, or more drastic measures? I am SURE this is only the beginnig of new worries/problems I will have now that my babies are getting older and going to school! Time to face the facts of life I guess. Its funny how your mind works though, because ever since I got that e-mail and I saw these things on-line, my head has been itching! How can you look at this pic of lice and your head not itch? Again, I am sorry to put you all through this, but I need support here.

Daddy, Daughter Time!

Now that wrestling is over for Austin (I made him refuse to be the baseball coach this season so he could relax a little bit for once), he has been spending a lot of time with Tyler while I go teach at the gym in the evenings. I get free daycare at the gym, but Tyler likes to spend time with Daddy and its easier on me to only unload/load 1 child to daycare rather than 2. The other night when I was leaving, Austin said he would take Tyler on a small motorcycle ride in our court since the weather has truly been beautiful, and I had to take a pic of how cute they looked.

Friday, February 8, 2008

My Friday Evening.. to MYSELF!

Ok, the kids are fed, bathed, brushed teeth and in bed! My kitchen is clean, my laundry is almost done and I have had a very productive day (work, cleaning, laundry, playng with my girls). Austin is in Tacoma tonight at his LAST wrestling meet (thank goodness, this single Mom crap is getting old), and wont be home until tomorrow... so what am I going to do?
I have a cold Mexican Coke (I saver them for special moments, since its a calorie filled treat), some chocolate and popcorn and I am getting into bed to watch my DVR shows; Survivor, Project Runway, and CSI. I am not doing anything while I watch TV tonight, not folding laundry, not cleaning my bathroom, not scratching my husbands back.... this evening is about me and me only. This is a very rare occurance, and even though I do miss Austin very much and I feel bad he works so hard, sometimes its sooooo nice to just be alone. I have my watch dog Amiga and the alarm system set, so I feel safe. You all have a great weekend and I am signing off now to do absolutly nothing and I can't wait!!

Friday, February 1, 2008

New Family Pic

So we are all feeling a little better in this house. I am still trying to get over my miserable cold, but getting better every day and Kai is still cutting teeth and is crying A LOT, but I feel for her, and hopefully it wont be much longer.

This is our new family pic! This was taken in December in Utah, I thought it turned out pretty good. We had a big group pic with the Lewis family as well, and it turned out good too. Nice to have an updated pic now and again, even though its usually a nightmare to get it done, your usually happy you did in the end. Well that's all for now, not much new going on in Washington just rain and some more rain and oh ya, SOME MORE RAIN!